Supporting Survivors

by Uplift

What is a survivor? A survior is anyone who has experienced sexual violence, emotional violence, or any other form of violence. For many people, this term is preferrable to the term "victim" as it gives them more agency. If a friend or a family member discloses that they are a survivor of abuse, here are some ways you can tell them you support them.


Supporting Survivors starts with saying I believe you


Effects of Assault

Let's Discuss: Responding to Disclosures

Bystander Intervention

Male Survivors

Limitations of the Legal System

People of Color and Assault

Let's Discuss: "Asking for It"

How to Check Yourelf

Fear of False Accusations

Queer Survivors

Getting Help

Whether or not they choose to report to authorities, there are a number of online resources you can direct people who need support:
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