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Uplift in the Press

'"We wanted to make sure [Uplift] was about comfort, support and the passion of the community," Jennifer Dorsey, communications director of Uplift told MTV News. "We created our program for people to take ownership back of their communities, making sure they feel like they belong to them."' - MTV News

'[Uplift's] YouTube series does a fantastic job at both, hosting panels of different women and men about different sexual violence-related topics, such as online harassment and male survivors.' - Mashable

'[Uplift] created their web series Engage to address, on a weekly basis, the challenges of having an online presence. Hosted by Kat Lazo, the series covers all aspects of sexual violence and harassment that people face online, and how to move forward.' - Bustle

'In the wake of the more than 70 harassment allegations that shook the YouTube and Vine communities last year, a group of female fans banded together to start [Uplift], which tries to address the types if sexual abuse specific to online fandoms. They publish a popular Tumblr that discusses fan issues and convene discussions with YouTubers; they’ve also drafted a “safer community pledge” that was passed around Tumblr.' - The Washington Post