Our Mission

Uplift is dedicated to combating sexual abuse in fandom spaces through education and advocacy. We work to ensure that these flourishing communities are safe for the millions of people who connect through them.

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We believe that the internet and online communities can be incredible tools for good.

We believe that everyone has the right to feel free from sexual harassment and violence, whether online or in the physical world.

We believe that interactions between online content creators and fans should be safe and consensual.

What We Do

Person at Vidcon booth having a conversation with 2 convention attendees.

Work with Convention Organizers

From years of experience in our unique line of work, we have developed a toolkit to empower organizers to shape their conventions into safer and more inclusive spaces for all attendees. Learn more at conresources.org.

Partner with Platforms

We work with platforms to promote high-level creators' understanding of appropriate fan / creator interactions, to ensure that they are consistently respecting boundaries and receiving consent. These proactive steps help these creators continue to be positive influences on the community.

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Empower Communities

Each one of Uplift's staff and volunteers are passionate members of online communities. Through campaigns like our Safer Community Pledge, #NoMagicinAbuse and #LoveNotPotions, we provide visible and impactful steps our peers can take with us to create change.