Uplift is seeking volunteers with a passion for online communities and for making them safer spaces. If you are interested in helping us to further our mission to combat sexual and emotional abuse through education and advocacy, here is a list of our open volunteer positions.

How to Apply:

Please send an email to volunteer@uplifttogether.org with the position that you are applying for in the subject line. In addition, please include the following things:

  • A brief description of yourself.
  • How you heard about Uplift, and why you’re interested in joining our volunteer staff.
  • The approximate number of hours you are able to volunteer per week. The expected minimum is five hours.
  • A description of relevant work and volunteer experience. You may also send a resume.
  • Anything else you think demonstrates why you’re a good fit for the position, such as writing samples, links to your work, or past graphic design work.


Audio Video Specialist

  • Work on new content for our YouTube channel UpliftTogether
  • We’re looking for creative, passionate volunteers with experience in video editing and storytelling
  • Bonus: Experience behind the camera, in front of the camera, and experience with podcasts/audio recording

This position reports to the Communications Director and will require an average of 5 volunteer hours per week with some time commitments during big projects.


  • Work collaboratively with the Communications Team to identify needs and opportunities for Uplift’s social media presence.
  • Contribute to Uplift’s overall work and vision.


  • Experience with developing and creating online content
  • Strong organizational, writing, and technical skills
  • Self-starter who works well both collaboratively and individually

Finance Director

  • Oversee our budgets, taxes, and other financial matters such as incoming donations.
  • We’re looking for someone with experience in a variety of aspects of financial management, preferably experience with the specific financial needs of non-profits.

This position reports to the Operations Director and will require an average of 7.5 volunteer hours per week.


  • Work collaboratively across departments to stay on top of financial needs throughout the organization
  • Provide timely financial assistance within the organization and keep Senior Staff up-to-date with Uplift’s finances


  • Experience with non-profit financial management
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Self-starter who works well both collaboratively and individually

Blog Manager

  • Manage original content for blog, including writers, series, and content development
  • Write original content for our Medium blog
  • Experience writing about activism and/or about online communities and sexual assault activism in particular

Emerging Social Networks Researcher

  • Research and document trends in the emerging online communities at the creator, platform, and fan level
  • Tasks:
    • Identify online communities that are beginning to bloom, particularly among teens
    • Document how the culture is evolving, especially as it relates to social stratification and the creation of hierarchies
    • Identify potentially toxic social systems (i.e. widespread idealization of creators) or platform choices (i.e. no accountability for harassment)
    • Work within a team to formulate potential responses to those systems

Social Media Manager

  • Implements social media strategy as part of larger comms strategy
  • Works closely with Communications Director to make sure social media is well managed, content is diverse and appropriate, and team is responsive to followers
  • Works to further develop the voice and tone of our accounts and diversity content and platforms
  • Manage our communications team volunteers

Analytics Lead

  • Skills in Google Analytics and other analytics programs
  • Experience in social media and web analytics analysis and tracking
  • Ability to plan ahead for analytics analysis as well as work off the cuff
  • Ability to synthesize analytics in a written report

Convention Manager

  • Organize Uplift’s presence at Conventions
  • Plan out which conventions we will attend (this year we went to Granger Leadership Academy, VidCon, GeekyCon, and LeakyCon)
  • Organize our booth presence, brainstorm and recruit volunteers for our panels, work with the Campaigns Manager to highlight campagins at the conventions

Graphic Designer

  • Design graphics for banners, pamphlets, websites, infographics, videos, and more
  • Experience in graphic design (Photoshop and other software)
  • Feel free to attach a portfolio

Crowdfunding Manager

  • Plan and implement our fundraising campaigns through Indiegogo and other crowdfunding platforms
  • Work with the communications team to promote the campaign
  • Recruit perks from prominent creators from different online communities
  • Oversee perk fulfillment, regularly updating donors throughout the process

Grant Manager

  • Research grants that Uplift should apply to
  • Draft copy for the grants with input and provided by other members of staff
  • Keep track of submission deadlines
  • Prior experience writing grants is a must

Communications Team Member

  • Manage the social team’s involvement in content and posting
  • Draft and oversee content going on the Uplift accounts
  • Ensure that content remains fresh and timely
  • Alert the Communications Director if unclear of whether something should be posted

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