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YouCoalition – As the original project of Uplift and the impetus for our creation, YouCoalition is the YouTube outreach branch. All programs, resources, and campaigns that involve YouTube communities.

Safer Community Pledge – Often the most impactful way to involve people in social justice is to show them the ways that they can make a difference as an individual.

More campaigns will be announced soon!


We are always looking for more passionate and committed volunteers! Uplift is comprised of vibrant, energized people dedicated to making online communities safer. We need volunteers who will further our mission to combat sexual and emotional abuse through education and advocacy. As a volunteer, you will have an active role in shaping the organization as we develop a framework for addressing this problem.


To keep our nonprofit running, we rely on personal donations. Your money goes towards running our campaigns and supplying us with the things we need to function. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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