Our Mission

Uplift is dedicated to combating sexual abuse in online communities through education and advocacy. We work to ensure that these flourishing communities are safe for the millions of people who connect through them.

Our Values:

  • We believe that the internet can be an incredible tool for good.
  • We believe that everyone has the right to feel free from sexual harassment.
  • We believe that everyone should have the freedom to use the Internet safely.

About Uplift

In 2014, over seventy young women in the Youtube community came forward with accusations of sexual and emotional abuse against many creators. The accused Youtubers were people who had been deeply trusted, many with large audiences, and the communities that surrounded these Youtubers were reeling in the wake of these accusations. There was a clear need for resources, support, and education specifically tailored to communities fostered through the Internet. YouCoalition was designed to provide that service, bringing together members of the community with the common goal of creating a safe space for survivors, resources for everyone, and a way to decrease instances of online abuse.

Within its first year, YouCoalition became Uplift, with the broader goal of helping all Internet communities. From creating an online educational video series to providing in-person resources and discussion at the conventions, Uplift expands upon the missions of traditional sexual violence, addressing the complexities that our virtual world add to instances of sexual and emotional abuse.

Uplift is the first organization dedicated entirely to empowering online communities in addressing sexual violence. We believe that the communities in which this abuse takes place are also the key to eliminating this abuse, and we plan to stand by these communities every step of the way.

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